FREQUENTLY Asked Questions


We're sorry you're having trouble with contributing. Our payment processor Stripe is supported world wide, but some errors may sometimes occur. 

How do I know my contribution succeeded?

When your contribution is successful, we will send an automatic email confirmation to the email address you provided during the contribution process. 


 Please see below a list of accepted payment types.

Credit/Debit Card. At this time, if you are contributing via direct credit/debit card

  • Credit/Debit Cards accepted across most campaigns are: Visa and MasterCard.
    • We do not accept gift cards, pre-paid value cards or debit cards without the Visa or MasterCard logos
  • If you are contributing to a campaign raising funds in USD, we also accept American Express.
  • If you are contributing to a campaign whose account is within the US, we also accept Discover Cards.
  • If you are contributing to a campaign whose account is outside of the US, then Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Discover is not accepted on these campaigns.

Payment by invoice from our company contributors. 

Registered companies or organisations can pay their contributions by invoice if the payment is over 300 euros. Please note that we may decline your request to pay by invoice, if the information you provide us is not valid or if we have any reason to believe the payment cannot be delivered.

 Other payment options.

We are soon launching other payment options for individuals. Thank you for your patience! In the meantime, if your current card type or bank is not supported by our system, we can offer you alternative ways to contribute. Do not hesitate to contact us via email: 

Most common payment errors and solutions

Please find the most common payment related errors and their solutions here. If none of these apply to you and you still cannot solve your payment issue, please contact us at to negotiate paying with an alternative payment method.


1. Currency restrictions. FundYou is based in Finland. At this time we only host direct credit and debit transactions in US dollars ($), CAD ($), EUR (€), GBP (£), and AUD ($).

2. Your Card Type is Not Supported. Our payment processor, Stripe, accepts transactions using many major credit and debit cards, such as Visa or Mastercard.

However, if the country where the campaign's bank account is located doesn't accept certain types of cards, your transaction may fail. Please see restrictions based on bank account location and card type below:

  • United States: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club
  • Australia, Canada, EU: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express

Please also note that payments may be blocked if the billing country differs from the bank country. We recommend using a card where the billing country and issuing bank country are the same to prevent issues.


3. You may have typed your card number wrong.

Please always make sure to double check that you typed your card number correctly.


4. Your Bank Is Not Supported By Stripe.

Sometimes errors in payments occur, because Stripe doesn't have an agreement with your bank. However, it is rarely the case. If your payment doesn't succeed and you still wish to contribute, please contact us by email at . We can offer you another payment option. 

5. Your Internet Browser Is Outdated

Our platform best works with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. If you are using an outdated version of your Internet browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc), you may be experiencing a browser incompatibility. Please double check that your browser has been updated to its most recent version. We also suggest switching to a different browser (one that has also been updated to its most recent version) and trying your contribution again.

Our site is not optimized for Internet Explorer 8.0 or earlier, so we recommend switching to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.



FundYou sends contribution confirmation emails to the email address that was used to make a contribution, for each successful transaction. This confirmation will work as your receipt once your payment has been registered.


Rewards are offers made and managed solely by the campaign owner. Therefore FundYou does not provide receipts or invoices beyond the contribution confirmation email that you should have received after your transaction.


If for some reason you have not received a receipt in your email after a transaction, please check your spam folder.


If for some reason you still find that you did not receive a receipt after a succesful transaction, please contact the campaign owner or the FundYou Team. We will help you sort it out.



Our platform offers an invoicing option for contributions of over 300 euros and when the contribution is made by a registered company. Both of these criteria must be fulfilled in order for you to pay by invoice.



Individuals can only pay by card. 


Crowdfunding campaigns offer their backers rewards in exchange for different contribution amounts. The kind of rewards depend on the nature of the campaign and it is the campaigner owner's job to find creative ways to add value for backers. For example, if a band is seeking funding for their new album, they can offer a limited vinyl edition of that album, VIP meeting with the band members, signed album covers, concert tickets etc.

If a company is seeking funding with reward based crowdfunding they can offer, for example, limited editions of their merchandise, limited subscriptions or memberships with a campaign price. Campaign rewards can be individual items or sets of items, such as objects, acknowledgement, a thank you letter or a video, services, events or anything that does not violate our terms & conditions.

Please note: rewards are offers made and managed solely by campaign owners, not FundYou. FundYou is not responsible nor guarantees that rewards will be delivered to backers, or that backers will be satisfied with the rewards they receive. FundYou only offers the platform for campaigners. The campaigners are responsible of their campaign content, rewards and the terms and conditions related to their campaigns.

FundYou cannot guarantee that campaigns will succeed or that campaign rewards will be delivered or deemed satisfactory. 

By contributing to a campaign you are supporting an idea, project, or cause you care about and want to help make happen. Like anyone getting in on an early-stage project, you accept the risk that the project may experiences changes, delays, unforeseen challenges, and it's possible that a campaign you fund might not come to fruition.

FundYou is carefully analyzing the business concept of all campaigns and does only publish campaigns, which have good chances to reach their funding goal and fits our campaign criteria. We also ask campaign owners to provide information, which allows us to assess that behind each campaign is a serious enterprise and no scams.

However, if a project is unable to deliver the rewards or promises made in the campaign, FundYou will review how the campaigner communicates to determine whether the campaign owner is keeping their community updated about their progress - even if the project falls through.

If a project owner fails to deliver the promised rewards and does not communicate in proactive ways with his backers, FundYou has the right to restrict the person/company from creating new campaigns in the future.

Shipment costs are evaluated by the campaign owner and usually come on top of the reward price. Campaigners also have the right to include shipping costs in the perk price. If you are unsure whether they are included in the reward price or not, contact the campaign owner to be sure. 

Shipment costs may vary according to the recipients location, package size, weight or packaging materials.

Always check with the campaign owner, or with the local post office or another shipment operator to be sure of shipping costs.

Please note: Your credit card will be charged the contribution amount immediately if your transaction was successful, not at the end of the campaign.

Thank you for being part of our backer community and bringing ideas to life! If your contribution is successful, an automatic confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided during the contribution process.

Any successful contributions will also be recorded on your individual FundYou account.

All your contributions will be listed on your Contributions tab. If you do not see your contribution listed here, then your contribution attempt may have been unsuccessful.

For legal reasons and for the campaign owner to fulfill his reward pledges, it is not possible to contribute anonymously. However, you may choose for your contribution to show anonymously on the campaign site, and that makes it only visible to the campaign owner and admins.

Here's a few tips  how to engage as a backer and help the campaign beyond the contribution.

Share the love in social media

Share the campaign, their posts and rewards with your network on social media. It helps the campaigner more than you can imagine! Show them all the support you can. It can carry them a long way! Maybe even share their amazing campaign to a friend?

Ask questions, suggest new rewards and post comments

Some campaigners are quicker to respond on social media. Publicly commenting about your concerns on their social media channels can also motivate campaigners to be more communicative. Make sure to use the campaign's hashtag if they're using one. Your engagement boosts their content and you might have some fresh ideas that they haven't thought of! 

Post on the campaign comments tab

The comments tab on the campaign page is a place where backers can discuss all of their concerns about a campaign. It's also a great tool for sharing information. 

If you have a questions about teh campaign, dont' be shy! Post it! Other contributors might have the same question in their minds as well. You can post a comment where you ask about shipping. production dates, where the campaign is now or you can just give kudos if you feel like making someone's day.

Offer your help

Found an exciting campaign that you would love to become a part of? Offer your help by contacting the campaigner. You may do this by posting or sending a message to them through social media, website or the campaign comments. Perhaps you're the  business partner or employee thei've been waiting for!



Please note that FundYou's fee is nonrefundable. If you wish to receive a refund from a specific campaign, you must contact the campaign owner.


Please note that the contribution goes directly to the campaign’s account. If you wish to have a refund from your campaign contribution, contact the campaign owner directly to negotiate. It depends on each campaign’s refund policy, if and how much refunds are paid in the case of failure. Please check the campaign’s refund policy in their reward terms and conditions or campaign description, or contact the campaign owner to find out more.

FundYou has no obligation to provide any refunds or become involved with any dispute between a campaign owner and campaign contributor. FundYou reserves its right to issue refunds at its own discretion outside of the refund policy. For further information, please check our Terms and Conditions.

However, if you cannot for some reason reach the campaign owner and you wish to negotiate refunds with them, contact us via email at . We will do our best to connect you and the campaign owner to negotiate refunds.

To reach the campaigner, go to their campaign site and try one of the following.

1. Contact them through "Comments". Post your question to this section. Please be aware that you must create a profile and be logged in to be able to comment.

2. If the campaigner has their website or social media accounts linked in their campaign profile, contact the campaign owner through those.

3. If you have tried both options mentioned above and have not received an answer from the campaigner, contact us via email at and we will connect you to the campaign owner to get your questions through. 

FundYou is not in any way responsible if a campaigner commits fraud or does not meet their campaign responsibilities. Find out more in Terms of Service.


To ensure quality campaigns on our platform, we assess all campaigns before letting them run their campaigns on our platform. We background-check the entrepreneurs or organisations, their impact and their traction. We may interrupt or freeze campaigns at any time, if necessary.


FundYou requires all campaigns to fit under at least one UN sustainability goal and to clearly state this in their campaign. 

Investing in a crowdfunding is always risky as you never know if the project fails or not. Be it an innovation, which might change the world, a film project, the next album of your favorite artist, a new innovative product, there is always a chance of failure, despite how brilliant the campaign seems to be. However, there is always a chance for success and that is the joy in supporting a crowdfunding. When they succeed, you can proudly stand behind your support as you really helped to make a difference!

Communicate with the campaigner

If a project fails, it is the campaign owners' responsibility to reach you and provide you with the information that you may need. In the event that a campaigner cannot provide you with the promised rewards, please reach out to them and work a solution what would be the best option to proceed. The campaign owner often has the interest to maintain a good reputation and agree to a mutually satisfactory solution. 

There is always a level of uncertainty when you are running a campaign or contributing to one. 


As a backer you contribute into a campaign and expect the endeavour to succeed, but according to statistics, most crowdfunding campaigns fail to reach their goal. Be it an innovation, which might change the world, or a nice product, which needs to be produced yet or a creative oeuvre - supporting a crowdfunding campaign is always a risk. As a contributor you consider the risk that a project might not reach its goal.


It is the reality of the startup business, that a lot of projects fail for manyfold reasons. This is why it is important to evaluate a campaign before deciding to back them. As a backer you trust the campaign team, that they have the skills, right timing, hunger, whatever secret sauce is needed to succeed.


Communicate with Campaigner

If a project fails, campaign owners are expected to explain the situation to their backers quickly and clearly. In the event that a campaigner cannot fulfill the promised rewards, they are required by our Terms of Use to work with their contributors to find the next best option. The campaign owner has the interest to keep his reputation and agree to a mutually satisfactory solution.

I want to pay more than the requested reward price. How can I do that?

According to the Finnish fundraising law (rahankeräylaki), an organisation cannot accept money donations, unless they have a special permission for that purpose. This is why crowdfunding campaigns in Finland generally cannot be based on donations and they must always offer a reward in return, unless they are non-profit organisations with a permission (rahankeräyslupa) to collect donations. 


Fundraising campaigns are only allowed to run on FundYou if you can provide a concrete perk or reward in exchange of funding, or if you have an organisation with a fundraising permit admitted by a government official, which you must provide us as confirmation. 


However, if your fans are super eager to give their full support, encourage them to contribute by getting several pieces or perks. 


Is it possible to contribute without receiving a reward? 

No, it is not possible to back a campaign without receiving a reward. Please contact the campaign owner in all campaign related questions.

No, you can not. For legal reasons you need to provide your personal contact information. The campaign owner has the legal obligation to declare the received contribution as revenue with the responsible tax authorities. Therefore he has to be able to prove the source of the received funds. If you are providing wrong and fraudulent information you may become a subject of legal persecution.

Receiving your reward often takes time and there is no general rule that defines how long reward deliveries in crowdfunding take. Contributing in a crowdfunding campaign is not the same thing as buying something in a webstore.


Since campaign owners manage the rewards, it is their task to communicate, when they plan to send out the rewards and manage the whole process. It is the campaign owner’s duty to offer impeccable customer service. If you are unhappy with the campaign and how it has proceeded, please contact the campaign owner. 

Each contribution made is recorded as a separate contribution with a separate reward. If you would like to receive a new reward, you can do this in a separate contribution. If you'd like to upgrade your existing reward or select a different reward, please contact the campaign owner and discuss with them to find out if there is a possibility to change the reward of your contribution. 

It's exciting to hear that you've found multiple rewards you are interested in claiming!


If you'd like to claim multiple rewards, please make a new contribution for each reward.


Currently, we do not have a feature for you to be able to add multiple rewards in a single contribution, but we are working on making that happen!

FundYou is unable to guarantee that projects will succeed or that rewards will be delivered or deemed satisfactory.


However, Campaign owners are required by our Terms of Use to fulfill their rewards. If a campaign owner does not fulfill a perk and has been unresponsive, please report it to us. We will get in touch with the campaign owner to reiterate to them their obligations as a campaign owner. Individuals and companies not obliging with our terms and conditions will be excluded from the platform for future use.


FundYou is not able to mediate disputes between customers, including those related to refunds or the fulfillment of rewards.


If the campaigner owner does not respond to your questions about your reward or delays concerning reward delivery, contact us. 


Note: This article does not constitute as legal advice. We recommend for you to consult with your attorney before taking any legal action.

Campaign owners are encouraged to update their backers on the progress of their project and the status of their reward deliveries by sending out campaign updates and answering on comments. If you have chosen to opt out of receiving campaign updates during the contribution process or have since unsubscribed from campaign updates, these updates are still posted on the campaign page. We recommend checking if the campaign owner has posted any information about shipping schedules.

Please note that crowdfunding is not the same as shopping in a webstore. Reward delivery and project progress may take time and you contribute at your own risk.


Contact the Campaign Owner

Since campaign owners manage rewards, please contact the campaign owner directly to find out the status of your reward. If you have a FundYou account and have contributed to the campaign, you can post a comment to the campaign page, or you can send a direct message to the campaign owner on social media or via email.


You will only be able to send a comment to the campaign owner if you have contributed to their campaign or are on the same campaign team.

The campaign owner can optionally provide contact info for enquiries. Use the comment function in case the campaign owner chose to not publish contact information.

Please note that you can only comment after having created a FundYou account.

For Campaigners

FundYou is a social impact crowdfunding platform dedicated for social entrepreneurs and artists, who aim to make this world a little better. 


Minimum requirements for campaigns to get accepted on FundYou:


  • Organisation details: Company, organisation or project logo, legal name and legal address. If you represent a company or a registered organisation in EU area, you must also provide your VAT / Company identifier number. Campaigns run by non-profits and private people can run on specific requirements. For charities and non-profits we require to see a fundraising permit.
  • As we are a social impact crowdfunding platform, your crowdfunding campaign must be linked into creating positive social, societal or environmental or cultural impact, whether your campaign is a creative project, a startup or something else. Your campaign must be aligned with at least one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. You must clearly state in your campaign story and short description how your campaign fits this criteria.
  • FundYou reserves the right to accept or decline campaigns on the platform. Each campaign is evaluated case by case by our specialists.


After your campaign has been accepted on our platform, make sure your campaign fulfills the following requirements: 

  • Short project description: A shorter description of your campaign that will be visible on our front page and Explore.
  • A long description: A long description explaining in detail your campaign mission, goals and the reasons why you are crowdfunding in detail. It is recommended that you use visuals, such as images and illustrations, bullets and headings to make your campaign story easier to read.
  • Determine the campaign funding goal and the lenght of your campaign.
  • Campaign length: You may choose to have an ongoing campaign or a shorter one. For ongoing campaigns, simply set the campaign lenght as far as possible.
  • Short short term campaigns: the minimum lenght of a crowdfunding campaign is 1,5 months. 
  • Rewards: A minimum of 1 reward. Make sure your rewards have a short and a long description, a picture and other details to provide as detailed information as possible of your offering.
  • A connected Stripe account to receive and manage your collected funds. We cannot let you open your campaign before you have connected your Stripe account.
  • Please note, that we only let you open your campaign for contributors, when you have filled all the campaign criteria mentioned in this list. Take this into consideration before you start promoting your campaign.
  • We require campaigns to reach a minimum of 20% of their funding goal. Please note that FundYou platform fee is non-refundable.
  • You must verify your campaign opening day to us via email at least 2 business days before you want to open your campaign. This happens by sending us an email to 

Where and how do I connect my Stripe Account?


1. Log in to your FundYou account in the right upper corner.


2. Go to "Edit profile".


3. Go to the "Stripe and Social Media" tab.


4. Press "Connect". This button directs you to either login or sign up in Stripe. If you do not have an existing Stripe account, please create one and then come here again. 


5. Once you have a verified Stripe account, it takes a few minutes for the page to update and your account to become connected.


If you pressed connect without having an existing Stripe account and you just only created one, you might have to connect them again.



Why do I need to connect to Stripe?


We require campaigners to make sure they have connected and verified their Stripe account before they can open a campaign. 


In cases where FundYou has to collect the money from behalf of the campaign owner for any reason, FundYou charges a transfer fee of 25 euros per transfer. This may happen in cases where, for example, the campaign owner is unable to connect to their Stripe account because of a technical reason and unable to collect funds themselves, or when Stripe services are not available in your region.


Please note that your bank may conduct additional charges or international bank transfer fees may occur.



To find out more about your responsibilities as a campaigner, please go through our Terms of Service.

Not every project, product or business idea is suitable or for some reason ready for a reward based crowdfunding campaign. FundYou is focused on social impact campaigns and reward based crowdfunding. At the moment, it is not possible to offer equity through FundYou. Donation based campaigns are allowed on FundYou, if you can present us and your contributors documentary to proof that you have a licence to collect donations. This is required by the Finnish law.

As we are a social impact crowdfunding platform, your crowdfunding campaign must be linked into creating positive social, societal or environmental or cultural impact, whether your campaign is a creative project, a startup or something else. Make sure your campaign fits at least 1-2 UN Sustainability Goals.

Please also note that all campaigns on FundYou must offer a minimum of 1 reward or more rewards to contributors in return of funding. Please see the section Rewards to find out what a reward is.

Not sure if it works for you? Do not hesitate to Start your campaign. if your campaign gets accepted on our platform, you may proceed to buiding your campaign to become the next success story of crowdfunding!

Crowdfunding is often considered a marketing campaign for a new product, idea, project or a company. Whether your project is about film, music, financing a book, a company, launching a product, gaining brand reputation or initial funds for your startup, crowdfunding is for you. 

Running a crowdfunding campaign is always hard work and requires a team to do pre-planning, a strategy, content creation, a unique idea that movivates people to back you and also, unique rewards that motivate people to support. 

To be able to succeed, you need to have a user base or a fan base of somekind in advance, or at least a brilliant unique idea that attracts new audiences. If you have both, the better. When a crowdfunding campaign has a great idea behind it and the campaign is well prepared, you can reach new audiences, fans or users and collect funds at the same time.

The succesful campaigns very rarely just happen. The most successful campaigns have worked hard prior to launching a campaign, not only with marketing but also by building a follower base, crystallizing their idea and concept to an understandable whole that is interesting, engaging and unique. 


In addition to our mandatory Minimum Campaign Requirements mentioned in this FAQ, it is advisable to have the following before you start your crowdfunding campaign.

  • A marketing and a communication plan for your campaign.
  • A pitch video to impress people to back your project.
  • A campaign header Image that shows on our front page, as your campaign page header and on the Explore campaign card.
  • Team to help you out. Crowdfunding is a lot of work.

Prepare your campaign marketing well

We strongly recommend that you plan a marketing strategy and prepare for your campaign long before you launch it. Crowdfunding campaigns never run themselves. What kind of actions do you plan to do to attract funders? Who is included in your target audience? How do you plan to reach and convince them to back you? The more thoroughly you prepare in advance, the more likely your crowdfunding campaign will succeed.

Publish actively on social media channels, such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or where ever your target audience is. If you are not yet active on these channels, make sure you have a decent follower base before launching a campaign. 

Identify and contact influencers who might be able to bring attention to your project and who are willing to help you or are somehow connected to your project.  These can be funders, bloggers, journalists, fans, celebrities or otherwise influential people who you have a connection with. 

Plan a pitch speech, attend meetups or events, meet new people and tell them abour your project! The more people know and hear about it, the more likely you will reach your audience. 

Inform potential backers before campaign launch

Before your campaign starts, contact the backers who are the most likely to back your campaign. The people most likely to fund are usually family, friends or coworkers. After that, reach out to your fans or people who already somehow are connected and excited about your project.

After getting your close circle to back you, it is possible to convince new people to come onboard. However, to convince an unknown person or a company to back you, you must have a unique story, solution or mission and one-of-a-kind rewards that your audience cannot find anywhere else. 

Crowdfunding campaigns offer their backers rewards in exchange for different contribution amounts. The kind of rewards depend on the nature of the campaign and it is the campaigner owner's job to find creative ways to add value for backers. For example, if a band is seeking funding for their new album, they can offer a limited vinyl edition of that album, VIP meeting with the band members, signed album covers, concert tickets etc.

If a company is seeking funding with reward based crowdfunding they can offer, for example, limited editions of their merchandise, limited subscriptions or memberships with a campaign price. Campaign rewards can be individual items or sets of items, such as objects, acknowledgement, a thank you letter or a video, services, events or anything that does not violate our Terms of Service.

Please note: rewards are offers made and managed solely by campaign owners, not FundYou. FundYou is not responsible nor guarantees that rewards will be delivered to backers, or that backers will be satisfied with the rewards they receive. FundYou only offers the platform for campaigners. The campaigners are responsible of their campaign content, rewards and the terms and conditions related to their campaigns.

FundYou is unable to guarantee that projects will succeed, funding will be raised or that rewards will be delivered or deemed satisfactory.


Campaign owners are required by our Terms of Service to fulfill their rewards and to keep their backers happy. As a campaign owner, you are legally responsible to your campaigners. 

Campaigners who neglect their campaign responsibilities defined in our Terms of Service, may be excluded from the platform for future use.


FundYou is not able to mediate disputes between customers, including those related to refunds or the fulfillment of rewards.


Note: This article does not constitute as legal advice. We recommend for you to consult with your attorney before taking any legal action.

I'm a campaign owner. Can I refund backers when they ask?

Sometimes the backers may ask for refunds. Even though in crowdfunding it is common for projects to fail and backers are aware of this, you may still want to consider giving refunds to retain a good reputation.


In case of refunds, you as a campaigner will deliver the refunds from either your Stripe account or from your bank account. Please note that FundYou or Stripe fees cannot be refunded to you or your supporter, unless you pay the difference.


In case your funds have already been transferred to your bank account from Stripe and you want to refund to backers, you have to transfer the money individually to each backer. We recommend using non-public and secure communication channels for discussion refunding with your contributors.


Please note that FundYou's fee is nonrefundable.

As FundYou is based in Finland, Finnish laws are applicaple to Finland based campaigns, even in situations when your organisation is based elsewhere but you offer rewards in Finlan.  If your organisation operates and is registered in Finland, Finnish laws concerning fundraising and crowdfunding apply to you.  Please find your legal responsibilities as a campaigner here.

 Note that on FundYou you may restrict reward availability regionally or reward availability to either only to registered organisations or individuals. 

How does crowdfunding differ from donations?

The main factor that differs crowdfunding from donations, is that in crowdfunding you have to give something in return, while with donations you may collect funds to a cause without rewarding the supporters in any other way. In reward based crowdfunding, contributors are offered rewards in return of funding a project. This is what essentially differentiates reward based crowdfunding from donations. 

Crowdfunding can be divided into subcategories such as donation based crowdfunding, reward-based crowdfunding, loan-based crowdfunnding or equity crowdfunding. FundYou does not offer equity or loan based crowdfunding, but we offer a platform for reward and donation based crowdfunding. Donation-based crowdfundig campaigns are required to show a licence for collecting donations when requested.

What to take into consideration when looking for donations through the FundYou Platform

Donations can be considered to be one form of crowdfunding. If you are a non-profit operating in Finland and are looking for donations, you need a fundraising permit from Poliisihallitus.  Find out more.

Please note that companies in Finland cannot get a fundraising permit. Having a fundraising permit does not stop you from doing a reward-based crowdfunding campaign. If you do a donation-based campaign through FundYou, please include your fundraising licence number in your campaign story and organisation details so contributors can see it easily.

Global campaigns: please take regional laws into consideration concerning donation-based crowdfunding, before opening a campaign with us. 

Here you can find the image template for designing a suitable header image for your campaign. The header image will show on the following placements on FundYou

- in your campaign card on Explore

- as your header image on your campaign page

- on our front page slider, if your campaign gets among our featured campaigns. 


Campaign header image template

Didn't find the answer to your question? Contact us via email at and we will answer within 1-2 business days.