How to run a campaign on FundYou

Looking for your new favourite crowdfunding platform for reward-based crowdfunding? Offering you the latest tech and the most flexible platform in the market, FundYou supports passionate entrepreneurs, creatives and artists to raise funds for early stage development.

Our mission on FundYou is to offer a social impact crowdfunding platform, where companies or individuals can support inspiring startups, projects and artists, who aim to make this world a little better.

To ensure we have only quality campaigns on our platform that we share values with, we hand-pick the best projects on our platform.

Start your crowdfunding process by filling our application form.

FundYou is not only a crowdfunding platform, but also offers an integrable widget that allows you to sell rewards directly from your company or project website. Engage backers from both B2B and B2C, and benefit from company backers showing as your campaign supporters.


Send an application to set up your crowdfunding campaign, get accepted and start the planning phase!

Prove your demand to backers and investors by running your own crowdfunding campaign. Setting up a crowdfunding campaign is a great way to test demand of products and services, and you can collect funds on the way!

Read our blog for tips on how to prepare well and make the best out of your crowdfunding campaign. Also check our FAQ for other ideas or questions you might have.


Fill in your profile and design an ace campaign with unique rewards!

What is the story behind your campaign and product? What are you trying to achieve with crowdfunding? Write an appealing story and create attractive, unique rewards that are only available through your crowdfunding campaign. 

Also consider these questions when creating your profile and rewards. What makes your campaign, project or product unique? What kind of audience would your campaign attract? How much funds do you think you could realistically raise? 

The better you plan your campaign and do the work in advance, the better chances you will have reaching your funding goal.


Prepare an impressive campaign launch with pre-backers and pre-marketing!

Did you know that the FundYou platform enables you to do early-bird backing in your campaign, even before the official campaign launch? This way you know which rewards work and which don’t, and you can make important changes before the official launch.

As your campaign profile and rewards are ready to be released, set your campaign into our Coming Soon mode and you will unlock the possibility for pre-backing! You may choose which rewards are available before or during the campaign.

The Coming Soon mode is especially designed for reaching company backers and it gives you time to create hype and reach big backers before the campaign opens. It can help you reach significant funding volumes in your crowdfunding campaign.

Take advantage of this phase in pre-marketing as well. Let your potential backers and other vital contacts know that your campaign is coming soon!


Start your crowdfunding campaign! Now that you have successfully done all the preparations to run your campaign, it is time to open!

By now you have ensured your first backers, created a marketing plan, started your pre-marketing and pre-backer phase and you have even sent out a press release to your media contacts. 

Keep posting and reaching new audiences, create social media competitions and do whatever it takes to reach your funding goal.


Post-campaign backing? Keep the backers coming with our easy e-commerce tool.

The fun doesn’t have to end! If you feel like you want to keep riding the wave of success, just keep the funding going after your campaign with our easy-to-use e-commerce tool. 

The FundYou widget enables your backers checkout directly from your company website. You can either continue offering your campaign rewards longer, or create post-campaign rewards to existing backers.


FundYou offers three different pricing models, depending on the amount of support you need. 

FundYou Basic - 8% including our widget, basic use of our platform, technical support and tips on how to make the best out of your campaign.

FundYou Pro - 12%, including everything in basic, marketing support and additional treats and campaign support included.

FundYou Custom, including everything in Basic and Pro, and additional services based on your needs based on an hourly rate. Request an offer by mailing us at 

Find out further details on our pricing.


Apply on our platform to start your crowdfunding campaign by filling the application form! If your project gets accepted, you may proceed to the pre-campaign stage and start building your campaign profile, adding rewards and team members.

Before you apply, see our Terms of Service and FAQ.

What happens if your project gets rejected?

Don’t worry! You can always apply again. Please make sure to check our Terms of Use and read the possible feedback on your previous application.

If your project is rejected, the FundYou team will send you suggestions for improvements or the reason why your project was not accepted on our platform.