Impact crowdfunding platform for change makers

FundYou is the home for impact driven projects, where companies and individuals can support inspiring startups and artists, who aim to make this world a little better.

We want to make sure the campaigns we pick share their values with us: The urge to create positive impact in the world with cultural experiences and by offering solutions to environmental, communal and societal issues.

Our crowdfunding platform is most suitable for startups and creative initiatives with a mission to create positive change in the world.

Please see our FAQ to see on what terms we accept campaigns on our platform.



First, start your campaign process here.

Start your crowdfunding process by pressing the Start Campaign button. You can start building your campaign within 1-2 business days, after we have first checked your application.

We check all campaign applications to make sure they meet our requirements, share our values of creating positive impact in the world, and that we only have quality campaigns on our platform.

Read our blog for tips on how to prepare well and make the best out of your crowdfunding campaign. Also check our FAQ for other ideas or questions you might have.


Fill your campaign details and add rewards.

After your campaign has been accepted on our platform and you have finalised your campaign profile with all necessary information, such as rewards, story, company information and Stripe account, contact us via email to request for your preferred campaign start date.

As you select your campaign length in your campaign profile, please note that:

  • The minimum length for a short crowdfunding campaign on FundYou is 14-30 days.
  • You may also choose to do an on-going crowdfunding campaign form. If you'd prefer an ongoing campaign, let us know. We're happy to share our insights on how to plan ongoing crowdfunding.


Your campaign will be launched in Coming Soon.

The FundYou platform enables you to do early-bird backing in your campaign, even before the official campaign launch.

  • When your campaign profile picture, short description have been added, and your first reward have been added, your campaign will be set to Coming Soon automatically.

  • Campaigns in Coming Soon will show on our Explore search. Your campaign URL will also become visible.

  • Coming Soon mode unlocks the possibility for getting pre-backers before your official launch date. You may choose which rewards are available before, during or even after the campaign.

Why is pre-backing beneficial for your crowdfunding campaign?

  • This way you know which rewards work and which don’t. If necessary, you can make important changes before you open.
  • The Coming Soon mode is especially designed for B2B use and adjusting the campaign according to feedback. This is important in reaching company backers.
  • Coming Soon gives you time to create hype and reach big backers and prepare reaching your audience before the campaign officially opens.
  • Coming Soon can help you reach significant funding volumes in your crowdfunding campaign. The backers you get before your launch in Live Mode will show as your first day sales.

Note that you must reach 20% of your total funding goal in the Coming Soon mode, before your campaign goes live and starts showing in our active campaigns. We have the right to delay your official campaign start date or cancel your campaign, if you have not reached 20% of your funding goal before your planned starting date.


Start your crowdfunding campaign in Live mode!

By now you have ensured 20 % of your funding goal in Coming Soon and contacted key people about your campaign. Now it's time to harvest and keep up the good work. To launch your campaign in Live mode, contact us via email to open your campaign.

Your campaign starts automatically when you have reached your 20%, unless you agree a specific date with us. Note that we have the right to delay or even cancel your campaign if you haven't reached 20% of your funding goal in our Coming Soon mode before your campaign launch date.


Keep nurturing your campaign. Crowdfunding campaigns need a lot of constant attention and you need to keep making noise about your campaign before and during it until you have reached your funding goal.

Send PR letters, newsletters, post on social media, invest in digital advertisements, create competitions and do anything to reach your audience. Read more tips from our FAQ.

Once you start receiving contributors, remember to take care of your backers. They want to see you succeed and they deserve your attention!

Here's a few helpful tips how to keep your backers happy

  • Keep your promises. Don't promise anything that you cannot deliver.
  • If any delays or misfortunes happen, make everything transparent and inform your backers about it.
  • Make sure that your backers get their rewards in decent time.
  • Post updates and send your backers newsletters, or communicate with them in some other way to keep them in the loop.


On FundYou, it is possible to extend your campaign length, if we see you are doing well, or if you just need a little bit more time to reach your funding goal.

  • Contact us via email at to request your campaign length. Do this at least 2 business days prior to your campaign ending date.

  • To do this, you can either create new rewards or set the existing rewards availability beyond your campaign ending date.
  • Add an update to let your existing backers know that you have new rewards, or existing reward availability has been extended.

Platform fees

FundYou offers three different pricing models, FundYou Basic 8%, FundYou Pro 12% or FundYou Custom, depending on the amount of support you need. Find out more about our pricing and our crowdfunding consultation services.