Whether you are already a crowdfunding pro, a beginner or somewhere in between, our platform and service level tops out all other crowdfunding platforms.

Get to know our different service packages or contact us to ask for a customized offer.


Are you already a crowdfunding guru? The FundYou Basic package is the perfect fit for you, if you know what crowdfunding is about and you have previously delivered successful campaigns to your audience.

With our 8% commission, the FundYou Basic package includes money transfer costs of our partner Stripe*, VAT and the following services:

  • Technical support.
  • Our easy-to-use widget for your website, allowing you to drive traffic and receive contributions through your website.
  • Tips and guidelines for creating a successful crowdfunding campaign.
  • 1 social media update of your campaign in our channels.

*Additional charges from Stripe may apply depending on the payment option used, your country of origin or credit cards used by your backers.  


Do you need more insights and support in crowdfunding? FundYou Pro is the best option for you if you need additional consultation in running your campaign. 

In addition to items included in FundYou Basic, FundYou Pro 12% includes the following services:

  • A SEO analysis and consultation of your website.*
  • 1 blog post and a minimum of 2 posts about your campaign in our social media channels.
  • 3 crowdfunding campaign consultation sessions to help you improve your performance.

Our crowdfunding consultation sessions include

  1. Pre-assessment session: An analysis of your campaign, social media channels and pitch deck, and advice on how to capture your potential in crowdfunding best.
  2. Reward session: We analyze your reward ideas and share ours to get you the best and the most appealing rewards possible.
  3. Marketing strategy session: We analyze your crowdfunding campaign marketing strategy and give our advice on how to improve it.

*In cases when the FundYou widget is installed on your website.


Does your campaign need something extra? The FundYou Custom package includes everything in FundYou Pro and additional services of your choice.

We partner with you throughout your campaign. Contact us to discuss your needs and we will be happy to provide you with a competitive offer!

Depending on your needs, FundYou Custom can consist of the following, depending on your needs:

  • Marketing & business development consulting.
  • Technical customization.
  • Contribution coaching & cold call service.
  • Digital advertising.
  • PR and/or content creation support.

Interested? Drop us an email.

Please note the following about our pricing

  • We reserve the right to make changes in our pricing or our terms of service at any time.
  • Note! From December 1 forward, we require all of our campaigns to reach 20 % of their funding goal before they are allowed to officially go live. This happens in our Coming soon mode.
  • Platform fees are deducted from each contribution your campaign receives (not the total amount of raised funds of your campaign).
  • FundYou charges an 8%, 12% or a higher custom platform fee on funds raised for your campaign, including Stripe’s transaction fee. 
  • Additional services on our custom plan must always be agreed and negotiated with FundYou separately.
  • If you have negotiated any kind custom package with us, please note that your custom offer is confidential and tailored to fit your current campaign needs. Each campaign offer is unique and evaluated by our specialists case by case. 

Stripe fees

Included in our service fee:

  • 1,4% + 0,25€ for European cards.
  • 2,9% + 0,25€ for non-European cards.

Please note that Stripe charges may vary depending on your region or the card type or bank you are using. Stripe fees may also be prone to change and you may always find the most current pricing on their page. Always check the latest terms of use and pricing from Stripe directly.

Unable to connect to Stripe?

In cases where FundYou has to collect the money from behalf of the campaign owner for any reason, FundYou charges a transfer fee of 25 euros per transfer. This may happen in cases where, for example, the campaign owner is unable to connect to their Stripe account and unable to collect funds themselves, or when Stripe services are not available in your region.

Please note that your bank may conduct additional charges or international bank transfer fees may occur.

To find out more about your responsibilities as a campaigner, please go through our Terms of Service.